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"The Mystery of Barbara Fritchie is a beautifully written, articulate, and scholarly book.  Extensive research, layout, photographs and descriptive skills are extraordinary.  Scholarly, but very readable.  Photographs and illustrations are extensive, interesting, clear and well described.  I learned a lot more about the Civil War then I had known before.  A fascinating book."
~Thomas P. Ostrom, Author, Teacher, and Veteran
Author of many books on history and the U.S. Coast Guard.  Teacher of anthropology, geography, and history at Rochester Community College in Minnesota.  U.S. Coast Guard Reserves from 1961-1969.  A member of the U.S. Navy Memorial and the Naval Historical Foundation.  
"Tamara Thayer's The Mystery of Barara Fritchie is a compelling combination of American history and the author's personal journey in researching the controversial story of a true patriot.  Supported by first-person accounts, photographs, and historical documents, Thayer constructs a credible case for the historical Barbara Fritchie, the author's fourth great-grandmother.  At the same time, Thayer's informal style and flair for storytelling combine to make this an entertaining and memorable work.  Fans of mystery and conspiracy set in the context of history will find this a fascinating story."  
~Dave Allen, Author and Public Speaker on History and Military Topics.  Former President of the Veterans Roundtable, Rochester, Minnesota.  Retired IBM electrical engineer.  High school American history tutor.  Published author, illustrator, and cartographer.
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