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Aired on July 10, 2020

Read on the KSUM 1370 AM Radio Station in Fairmont, MN (aired between July 11 - 24):  Tamara Thayer, author of Country Doctor Goes To War, about her grandfather, Ellsworth Thayer, has published another book. Tamara always had questions surrounding her 4th great-grandmother, Barbara Fritchie of Fredrick Town, Maryland. Her interest in genealogy and this mystery about her life spurned Tamara to research Barbara.  Poet John Greenleaf Whittier wrote a poem called Barbara Fritchie. This poem tells the story of her heroic and brave deed when General Stonewall Jackson and his rebel troops marched passed her home. Tamara took on intense research to solve this mystery.  Therefore the title The Mystery of Barbara Fritchie *A True Patriot*.  Trips to Fredrick, Maryland and hours of research finally revealed the truth about her ancestor. When Barbara was growing up, she knew many patriots of the day including George Washington. She had a keen interest in politics all of her life. This book is very well researched and tells not only about Barbara but is a lesson in our nation's early history. Even history experts said they learned things they did not know after they read it.  Tamara will be at the Truman Museum on Friday, July 24th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM  to sign and have her books available to purchase. Social distancing will be followed. Masks are optional. (written by Marilyn Carrigan, the Truman Museum Director)


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