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A Country Doctor Goes to War


A chance discovery of pictures, letters, artifacts, and a war journal among her grandfather's personal belongings spurred Tamara Thayer to document the life story of Dr. Ellsworth "Mike" Thayer in A Country Doctor Goes to War.  This is much more than the biography of a doctor who served on the island of Tinian during World War II; it paints a vivid picture of facing the highs and lows of life with integrity.


"I stand in awe of the heartfelt admiration of a granddaughter for the compassion and integrity of her "real hero" in this touching book.  A Country Doctor Goes to War is the poignant story of Dr. Ellsworth Thayer's brave and generous service to his family, his community, and his country.  It is the story of courage, love, and compassion in the face of life's challenges.  I was moved and inspired!"

Ellen Bisping, MA, Sp.E, English Educator for Faribault Schools and Holocaust Educator, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


A Country Doctor Goes to War provides a compelling tribute to a man who spent his life helping others.  The citizens of Truman, MN and its surrounding area are forever transformed by this innovative doctor who served his patients as well as his country.  As someone who grew up in Truman, I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the history of my hometown through the life and experiences of Dr. Thayer.  A native to Truman or not, this book will appeal to anyone interested in learning more about the grand efforts made by members of the greatest generation to improve our world.

Stefanie Whitney, English Teacher at Mayo High School, Rochester, Minnesota

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